Halloween Cash for Candy Buy Back Program

This Halloween, trick-or-treaters can bring their excess candy to our office on Tuesday, November 3rd between 9am and 5pm. We are leading this anti-decay movement by giving away dollars in exchange for cavity-provoking candy. Tell me what you think or what you do?

The candy must be unopened. Please no bites. The candy will be donated and sent to our troops through a local charity.

Taking your children to the dentist twice a year and brushing daily are great preventative measures, but doing away with excess sweets all together would really give your teeth and your children’s teeth a healthy boost. Kids can still have all the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well.

Halloween is approaching, and so are all those scary costumes and haunted houses. It shouldn’t be the ghouls and ghosts that you fear, however, but the candied apples, trick-or-treat sweets and all the soda that washes them down! Sugary and acidic foods can lead to tooth decay, and that can put a damper on anyone’s festive spirit.

If possible, try to limit children’s sugar intake. Encourage them to drink plenty of water while snacking – soda will only make things worse! And finally, while it’s easy to slip into a “sugar coma” and just pass out while watching a favorite horror flick, this is not the time to stray from your brushing or flossing routine. Let your children know that if they eat sweets without their toothbrushes on hand, they should rinse their mouths out with warm water.

Ever since becoming a dentist Dr. Ushma Patel from Center for Advanced Dentistry has had a tradition of not only passing out a limited amount of candy/chocolate (so they do come) but also gives the children in her neighborhood a toothbrush and a nutritious snack bag. This has turned to be a win-win, the parents love it and the kids love it too as they do their rounds walking around they appreciate the snack.

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