Blazing Strides in the Dental Experience

You may remember the worn leather chairs, the hum of the drill, and the drab office interior that was synonymous with dentistry decades ago. You probably remember gigantic X-ray machines and dark fillings, and felt like your dentist’s office was more akin to an old corner of a hospital than a comfortable, friendly place to be.

We think your entire experience at the dental office should be a pleasant one. We offer clean, spacious surroundings filled with plenty of natural light. You’ll enjoy beverages and snacks in our reception area and find comfortable amenities in our private patient treatment suites. At Center For Advanced Dentistry we use technology such as patient education DVD’s and Intra-oral video cameras to teach you about your teeth and show you what we see inside of your mouth, bringing you into the process of learning about and caring for your oral hygiene.

Aside from a warm environment, accommodating and gentle staff, and patient education tools, we invest in our patients’ comfort and safety. Our low dose digital X-ray machines significantly decrease your exposure to any radiation. Instead of being awake and remembering everything that happened during your appointment, you can comfortably dose off into sleep with a small pill that we give you right before your treatment. What used to take days and weeks to rebuild in your mouth can be done in a fraction of the time in far fewer appointments. And the materials and options available today have allowed many dentists like myself to offer an alternative to orthodontics with options such as dental veneers which is also referred to as “instant orthodontics.”

Best of all, that common culprit, the cavity, can be treated with white materials to help you maintain a gorgeous white smile, absent of any mercury fillings.

Today’s progressive dentists also offer great financial terms, so your budget does not need to be a deterrent to seeking quality, professional, and comfortable care. There’s even a zero-interest CareCredit to help with dental and medical out of pocket expenses that our office has available for your consideration.

It all comes down to making it an easier, more pleasant experience for our patients. We see you in less time, providing patients with significantly reduced levels of discomfort and anxiety. By the way, if you are unsure about your dentist’s recommended course of treatment, we offer a second opinion at no charge.

Do you have any dental hang-ups? If so, do the new technologies reduce your apprehension about visiting your dentist?

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