Dental Implants FAQ

How can dental implants lead to better physical health?

Many people don’t understand that there are actually many benefits to getting dental implants. These benefits are both mental and physical. When you lose one or more teeth, you also lose mass in your jaw. This can result in thin lips, drooping muscles, jowls or witch’s chin. The person can have sunken in cheeks as well as visible tooth loss when they smile. Immediately after tooth loss, many people experience tooth pain. However, even if pain isn’t a problem, there are many long term effects. Eventually, the remaining teeth in the jaw shift in an attempt to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. This can lead to increased tongue size, loosening of remaining teeth, or loss of sensation. Luckily, with the use of dental implants Atlanta residents can prevent these problems!

How exactly do dental implants prevent bone loss?

There is a reason why astronauts lose bone mass while they are in space. Our bones, including our jaw bones need stimulation to maintain its form and density. The bone in your jaw is constantly reinforced by the force applied by your teeth when you chew or use your teeth in other ways. Without your teeth, you will experience bone loss of the jaw. Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone in place of the missing teeth. This prevents the bone loss! What the implants are really doing is tricking the bone into thinking there is still a tooth.

What is a dental implant made of, and how strong is it?

A dental implant is a thin metal rod, often made from titanium, which acts as an artificial tooth root and forms an attachment for a replacement tooth. Implants are strong, long lasting and indistinguishable from natural teeth. You can pretty much chew anything with Johns Creek dental implants that you could with your natural teeth. On the other hand,, they also require the same amount of care and attention as natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, and regular check ups with your Suwanee dentist are all important parts of dental implant maintenance.

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