PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY!!! Disturbing what people can find out about you and your family on

SPOKEO.COM is a new web-based US phone directory which automatically searches online records and databases to link personal records, and is approximated to have collected information on 78% of the US population in the first 60 days of running. I randomly typed in 10 names of close family and friends just to see how extensive the list is alomost everyone I tried was listed, including full name, address, map showing your home. This basic information is free to anyone who searches a name. In addition, it provides anyone that pays $3 a month access to all your personal information. For instance, they can check your approximate credit score, home value, pictures of your home, approximate income, age, job title, etc. If you go to the website and type in your name you will find yourself there and it is important to take yourself off the list! In some cases, it even includes the names of your children, and some of their information.

To remove your Name/Phone/Email Listing(s):

1. Locate the listing to remove (for name listings, please select the state, city, then exact profile match)
2. Copy the URL (the URL can be found on the top of your browser and should look something like “″)
3. Go to
4. Paste the URL
5. Provide your email address (this acts as a verification process for the confirmation to be sent to your Inbox) and Captcha Code (Image Verification Code)
6. Check you Inbox for the confirmation email, and click on the link on the bottom to complete the removal process.
7. The directory listing will become flagged and will be removed within 1 business day

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