Are You Sometimes “Headachy”?

Do You Suffer From Tension or Even Migraine Headaches? Have we got a MIRACLE for you!

FDA had approved a promising DENTAL treatment for migraine sufferers. . . NTI Migraine And Tension Headache Prevention

You may have heard Diane Sawyer discuss this on Good Morning America or seen this in People magazine. It may eliminate most of your headaches — even migraines. In fact, this little miracle is the only NON-DRUG treatment approved by the FDA specifically for prevention of migraine headaches. It has been proven to relax the muscles under your scalp and reduce the majority of headaches. If you frequently feel headachy, or even if you have been medically diagnosed with migraines and given  prescription pain relief medication, perhaps Dr. Ushma Patel can help.

More than 23 million people older than 12 years of age suffer severe migraine headaches. The social and economic impact of migraines is staggering, with estimates approaching $17.2 billion per year lost in productivity.

Treatments for migraine headaches typically involve drugs. But now there is a promising new treatment recently approved by the FDA that uses no drugs. It’s called the NTI System. In clinical trials, the NTI considerably reduced or eliminated migraine and associated tension headache pain. It is considered breakthrough technology because there is no risk of side effects compared to pharmaceutical migraine treatments.

Patients who experience migraines typically contract their temporal muscles (which close and clench the jaw) during sleep on average 14 times more intensely than those who do not suffer migraines. Typical sufferers awake nearly every morning with varying degrees of headache pain but have come to accept it as normal and unremarkable.

The NTI is a small, removable device that fits over the front teeth only, which makes it easily tolerated for people who have a gag reflex problem. Dr. Ushma Patel custom makes the device in the office, usually in one visit. The patient then wears it while sleeping. There is a daytime device available as well. With the NTI in place, the intense activity of the temporal muscles is reduced by 1/3 by preventing contact between the back teeth. By reducing this neuromuscular activity, migraine attacks are reduced or prevented altogether, as well as the associated tension-type headaches.

One NTI trial compared the effect of the device to a control device on medically diagnosed migraine sufferers. Each subject had at least 2 migraines per month and was taking prescription pain medicine. After just eight weeks of using the NTI:

There were no side-effects and no new pain

82% of NTI users had a 77% average reduction in migraine events

Medication use was reduced by almost 50%

Nausea episodes were reduced by 78%

Light-sensitive episodes were reduced by 66%

Sound-sensitive episodes were reduced by 68%

For more information call Dr. Ushma Patel with Center for Advanced Dentistry at 770-623-8750.

More info on NTI System at

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