What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

Check out what our awesome patients are saying about us! 


Amazing Care and Professionalism

“I was hesitant to switch dentist after so many years with the same one, but am I glad I did. Dr. Patel and her staff are amazing and I knew it as soon as I walked in. I found the dentist for the rest of my life.”


The Only Dentist In My World, Numero Uno!!!!!

“Dr. Patel, her staff, her new office (sweet), the equipment, the chairs, all the cable I can watch during my procedures woooowww!!! It’s like getting your teeth done at home with your favorite friends and family there. I so looove Dr. Ushma Patel and her Center for Advanced Dentistry.”


Best Night Guard Ever!!

“I moved to Georgia recently, and my dog chewed up my nightguard for grinding. Dr. Patel made me a new one and it is comfortable and felt great from day 1!! I’m hoping I can keep this one away from the dog!!! Love the office Dr. Patel!!! Keep up the great work!”


Best Dental Service in Area

“I have been getting my Dental treatments at Center for Advanced Dentistry for several years and find that they provide the best care I have ever gotten. Speaking with co-workers and friends, I hear their stories about how the dentists they use try to sell them unnecessary treatments or give them service that is sub-par. This is not my experience with Center for Advanced Dentistry. I always know in advance what treatment is needed, and each procedure is explained so that anyone can understand. Also, I find the staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful!! I am greeted with a smile by everyone in the office, and they all makes an effort to ensure I am taken care of. I have had many years of dental work done here, and the results are unbelievable. I am regularly complimented about my smile from family and friends. They have done what other dentists could not do for me over the years! Would recommend to anyone!”


Great Service

“My family have been seeing Dr. Patel for a number of years. Center for Advanced Dentistry has always offered excellent service.”



“I’ve always loved going to the dentist. Really, I mean it! I can be picky, though, and this place is phenomenal! From the minute I walked in the door until checking out, I felt like I was making new friends. And it was, hands down, the most comfortable experience involving a drill that I’ve ever had.”


A Real Community Dentist

“I had not been to a dentist in years – the result of traumatic childhood experiences in the dental chair of the 1970’s. After so much time had drifted by, I was ashamed to go, to admit that I, a middle-aged, well-educated woman was afraid of the dentist. However, an incident with a fork tine hidden in a bowl of rice lead to a broken tooth, and the necessity to push my embarrassment aside. I remembered reading an article from Dr. Patel in the local John’s Creek Herald, beckoning to folks just like me – dental-phobics. So, I decided to stop by. Three years later, I have just completed ALL my dental work, and I, at age 52, am getting braces! Dr. Patel and her staff came alongside me and gently and respectfully worked with me to have a positive. stress-free experience and most importantly to achieve a healthy smile. It means the world to me. I would recommend anyone who has any reservations or fears about dentistry to visit this office. You will be so happy with the service. I feel like they really know me as a person and genuinely care. That is hard to find in a sprawling city like Atlanta. But, it can be found in Johns Creek at Center for Advanced Dentistry.”


Great place

“My husband, kids, and I have been seeing the same dentist for quite some time now. Each and every time, we are pleased, comfortable, and treated very nicely.”


Great Dentist

“My children and my all see Dr. Patel. We have a pleasant experience each time we go. The staff is friendly and the make my children comfortable each time.”


Dentistry that takes the time 

“This center helped my daughter in law so much. We appreciated the care and concern of the staff. Thanks Center For Advanced Dentistry!”


The Center was nice and friendly

“I went to the Canter and they were very friendly and helpful with my root canal. I will go there again when I am in Suwanee.”


“THE” Dentist for those of you who avoid going

“I saw Dr. Patel for a consultation in October 2005. Despite her calm disposition and outstanding customer/patient focus, I chickened out and didn’t go back. In May 2007, I returned when one of my fillings fell out leaving a gaping hole in my mouth. Dr. Patel completely customized her recommended care plan to accommodate my anxiety. She is trained in sedation which is mandatory for me to get dental work done. She has done one crown for me, and I have a second scheduled. I am even considering regular cleanings which I have avoided for more than 10 years. Dr. Patel has become our family dentist. We adore her, and I am looking forward to introducing my second-grader to her this fall. Dr. Patel is this antithesis to the dentists we grew up with. She is truly puts her patients first. I have asked her if I can be the President of her fan club. For me, that is nothing short of a miracle.”


Best Dentist Ever!

“Dr. Patel is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She truly cares about her patients. Her staff is very professional and knows each patient by name. I highly recommend Dr. Patel.”


Great dentist

“Great dentist! I have been a patient of Dr Patel’s for over 4 years. She always makes sure that her patients are comfortable with any procedure that is to be performed by thoroughly explaining it before starting. Her staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.”


Nice People

“I walked in to get my filling repaired here and the people were very nice. They squeezed me in when they saw how much pain I was in and the dentist who fixed my filling was very good.”


Excellent service

“Great Staff, very friendly and professional service. Most definitely recommend for anybody.”


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