VIP Patients Have Special Parking!

Did you know that we have special parking spaces solely designated for our new patients and those patient who have been inducted into our VIP Program? Yup, its trueeee!!!

VIP Parking signs

We know, at this point, you are wondering about how you can be a VIP Patient, right? Well, the good news is that ANYONE can be in our VIP Program. When you become a VIP, you get to take advantage of perks like this and so much more (even $$$ off of treatment and services in our office). We also send each VIP patient to a luxurious dinner! So yah, I guess you could say we like to take care of our patients 😉 Its true, we value ALL of them.

Oh, and its super easy to become a VIP. Just refer 3 friends or family members that become patients, and you join the program and start living the good life. Cool, huh?!

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