Dr. Patel Shares Her Food Fav’s Around ATL!

For those who know Dr. Patel, you will know that she is the ultimate foodie! Not only does she love to try new dishes, but she is always whipping up delicious food in her kitchen! The love for cooking is just in her blood!

So, we thought we would share a few of her favorite spots and dishes she enjoys from various restaurants in the ATL!

Rumis Kitchen Avalon

Next time your at Avalon, enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at Rumis Kitchen! Dr. Patel always orders the Chicken Barg with Lentil Rice. 


Chops Lobster Bar (Buckhead)


Next time your down in Buckhead, stop by Chops Lobster Bar and get the Sea Bass. Trust me, it wont let you down.

Redlands (Medlock Bridge)

redlands salad

If your in the Duluth/Johns Creek area, stop by Redlands (former J. Alexanders) and refresh yourself with the Chicken Salad. It won’t disappoint.

Pearl Lian 
Located in the heart of Johns Creek and a hop, skip, and a jump away from our office, Pearl Lian serves up some of the best Chinese, Thai, and Japanese food in the area.
Dr. Patels order of choice is the Key Lime Curry and fresh Sushi!
Bhukara Indian Restaurant
If you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine, Bhukara is the place to go. Try the Chicken Tikka- you will leave with a full stomach and a new favorite lunch spot!
Chick Fil A
This doesnt need an explanation. Everyone loves Chick Fil A nuggets…..like literally everyone. 😉
Udipi Cafe (Duluth area on PIB)
Another Authentic Indian cuisine spot that is sure to become a regular on your list. Udipi is known for their vegetarian entres. Order the Rava Masala Dosa- and thank us later 😉

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