Summer Is The Best Time To See Us!

Dental hygiene

Summer Is a Great Time to See Your Dentist!

Yes, summer is a great time to see your dentist! Why? The pace of summer is slower, giving your hectic schedule some well-earned downtime. That means you can fit in a dental appointment more easily!

Kids’ Check-Ups

Chances are your kids will be more relaxed without the pressures of school and a full agenda of activities. More relaxed children always make for happier visits with your dentist. Plus, without as many to-dos on the family calendar, finding an appointment time will be easier, as will getting to your appointment. Let’s face it, easier is always better from a parent’s perspective, too. So go ahead and schedule a summertime check-up for your child.

Sports Mouthguards

Will you or your child need a mouthguard for fall sports? For athletes of all ages and stages, a mouthguard is an absolute must to protect your teeth. See your dentist in June or July to get fitted, so you’re all set to start August practices! Why not just buy one off the shelf at a sporting goods store? A mouthguard created by your dentist just for you will not only offer better protection, it will be more comfortable. And if it’s more comfortable, you’re more likely to wear it. Right? Also, we are offering $50 OFF all mouthguards now until the end of July 2019!

Cosmetic Procedures

If you’ve been thinking about looking into cosmetic dentistry, now’s the time! Some great options to get on the calendar this summer include:

– In-office teeth whitening for a whiter, brighter smile
– Invisalign for straighter teeth or to fix spacing problems
– Crowns to correct discoloration or adjust the shape of a tooth

Snore Appliances

Sleep better this summer! Many people joke about snoring, but it’s really no laughing matter. Though it has many causes, one can be your mouth position. Make time this summer to talk to your dentist about your snoring. She can help you determine whether you have a simple snoring issue or something more serious that requires a medical exam and treatment from your physician. If it’s your mouth position, a snore guard can help you snore less, or not at all.

Wisdom Teeth

Will your teen need their wisdom teeth removed? When school’s out, it’s the best time to get them out. They won’t have to miss classes for the procedure or for the recovery time. Especially for college students, get the appointment on the calendar when they’re home for the summer. It may not be a fun summer activity, but you’ll have more flexibility to get it done than during the busy winter break.


One last tip: Focus on June and July if you can. Or schedule early for August when there are still more appointment times for you to choose from. If you wait until August to call, you’ll be square in the August rush. Sp call now, 770-623-8750!

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