Children and Cavities

Though children are using a set of teeth they will eventually lose, that set of teeth needs to survive until the adult teeth guide them out of the gums, which helps ensure the adult teeth grow in correctly and with enough room. That’s why oral hygiene is important as soon as a baby’s teeth begin to come in, and teaching oral hygiene should begin at a young age. Despite your best efforts to ensure good dental hygiene, sometimes kids end up with cavities. Cavity care for children is very similar to cavity care for adults, because preserving tooth health is the most important aspect.

Baby Teeth Get Fillings

Though baby teeth aren’t permanent, they are the only teeth your child will have for several years, until the adult teeth come in. To preserve your child’s oral health, your dentist will opt to drill out the cavities in baby teeth and fill or crown them accordingly. The primary teeth help the adult teeth to come in properly, so losing primary teeth before they’re ready to come out isn’t good for your child’s permanent teeth.

childhood cavities

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Seal Out Tooth Decay With Dental Sealants!

dental sealant

How Do Sealants Work?

Think of them as raincoats for your teeth. When the cavity-causing bacteria that live in everyone’s mouth meet leftover food particles, they produce acids that can create holes in teeth. These holes are cavities. After sealant has been applied it keeps those bits of food out and stops bacteria and acid from settling on your teeth—just like a raincoat keeps you clean and dry during a storm.

Who Can Get Sealants?

Children and adults can benefit from sealants, but the earlier you get them, the better. Your first molars appear around age 6, and second molars break through around age 12. Sealing these teeth as soon as they come through can keep them cavity-free from the start, which helps save time and money in the long run. Ask your dentist if sealants are a good option for you and your family.

How Are Sealants Applied?

It’s a quick and painless process. Your dentist will clean and dry your tooth before placing an acidic gel on your teeth. This gel roughs up your tooth surface so a strong bond will form between your tooth and the sealant. After a few seconds, your dentist will rinse off the gel and dry your tooth once again before applying the sealant onto the grooves of your tooth. Your dentist will then use a special blue light to harden the sealant.

Can Sealants Be Placed Over Cavities?

Sealants can be used over areas of early decay to prevent further damage to your tooth. Because some sealants are clear, your dentist can keep an eye on the tooth to make sure the sealant is doing its job.

Are There Any Side Effects?

With the exception of an allergy that may exist, there are no known side effects from sealants.

Is There BPA In Sealants?

Yes, there is a tiny amount of BPA in sealants but not enough to cause you or a loved one any harm. In fact, you get more exposure to BPA by simply touching a receipt, using cosmetics or coming in contact with dust.

BPA in sealants

How Long Do Sealants Last?

Sealants will often last for several years before they need to be reapplied. During your regular dental visit, your dentist will check the condition of the sealant and can reapply them as needed.

February is Children’s Dental Health Month!

childrens health month



What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

Check out what our awesome patients are saying about us! 


Amazing Care and Professionalism

“I was hesitant to switch dentist after so many years with the same one, but am I glad I did. Dr. Patel and her staff are amazing and I knew it as soon as I walked in. I found the dentist for the rest of my life.”


The Only Dentist In My World, Numero Uno!!!!!

“Dr. Patel, her staff, her new office (sweet), the equipment, the chairs, all the cable I can watch during my procedures woooowww!!! It’s like getting your teeth done at home with your favorite friends and family there. I so looove Dr. Ushma Patel and her Center for Advanced Dentistry.”


Best Night Guard Ever!!

“I moved to Georgia recently, and my dog chewed up my nightguard for grinding. Dr. Patel made me a new one and it is comfortable and felt great from day 1!! I’m hoping I can keep this one away from the dog!!! Love the office Dr. Patel!!! Keep up the great work!”


Best Dental Service in Area

“I have been getting my Dental treatments at Center for Advanced Dentistry for several years and find that they provide the best care I have ever gotten. Speaking with co-workers and friends, I hear their stories about how the dentists they use try to sell them unnecessary treatments or give them service that is sub-par. This is not my experience with Center for Advanced Dentistry. I always know in advance what treatment is needed, and each procedure is explained so that anyone can understand. Also, I find the staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful!! I am greeted with a smile by everyone in the office, and they all makes an effort to ensure I am taken care of. I have had many years of dental work done here, and the results are unbelievable. I am regularly complimented about my smile from family and friends. They have done what other dentists could not do for me over the years! Would recommend to anyone!”


Great Service

“My family have been seeing Dr. Patel for a number of years. Center for Advanced Dentistry has always offered excellent service.”



“I’ve always loved going to the dentist. Really, I mean it! I can be picky, though, and this place is phenomenal! From the minute I walked in the door until checking out, I felt like I was making new friends. And it was, hands down, the most comfortable experience involving a drill that I’ve ever had.”


A Real Community Dentist

“I had not been to a dentist in years – the result of traumatic childhood experiences in the dental chair of the 1970’s. After so much time had drifted by, I was ashamed to go, to admit that I, a middle-aged, well-educated woman was afraid of the dentist. However, an incident with a fork tine hidden in a bowl of rice lead to a broken tooth, and the necessity to push my embarrassment aside. I remembered reading an article from Dr. Patel in the local John’s Creek Herald, beckoning to folks just like me – dental-phobics. So, I decided to stop by. Three years later, I have just completed ALL my dental work, and I, at age 52, am getting braces! Dr. Patel and her staff came alongside me and gently and respectfully worked with me to have a positive. stress-free experience and most importantly to achieve a healthy smile. It means the world to me. I would recommend anyone who has any reservations or fears about dentistry to visit this office. You will be so happy with the service. I feel like they really know me as a person and genuinely care. That is hard to find in a sprawling city like Atlanta. But, it can be found in Johns Creek at Center for Advanced Dentistry.”


Great place

“My husband, kids, and I have been seeing the same dentist for quite some time now. Each and every time, we are pleased, comfortable, and treated very nicely.”


Great Dentist

“My children and my all see Dr. Patel. We have a pleasant experience each time we go. The staff is friendly and the make my children comfortable each time.”


Dentistry that takes the time 

“This center helped my daughter in law so much. We appreciated the care and concern of the staff. Thanks Center For Advanced Dentistry!”


The Center was nice and friendly

“I went to the Canter and they were very friendly and helpful with my root canal. I will go there again when I am in Suwanee.”


“THE” Dentist for those of you who avoid going

“I saw Dr. Patel for a consultation in October 2005. Despite her calm disposition and outstanding customer/patient focus, I chickened out and didn’t go back. In May 2007, I returned when one of my fillings fell out leaving a gaping hole in my mouth. Dr. Patel completely customized her recommended care plan to accommodate my anxiety. She is trained in sedation which is mandatory for me to get dental work done. She has done one crown for me, and I have a second scheduled. I am even considering regular cleanings which I have avoided for more than 10 years. Dr. Patel has become our family dentist. We adore her, and I am looking forward to introducing my second-grader to her this fall. Dr. Patel is this antithesis to the dentists we grew up with. She is truly puts her patients first. I have asked her if I can be the President of her fan club. For me, that is nothing short of a miracle.”


Best Dentist Ever!

“Dr. Patel is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She truly cares about her patients. Her staff is very professional and knows each patient by name. I highly recommend Dr. Patel.”


Great dentist

“Great dentist! I have been a patient of Dr Patel’s for over 4 years. She always makes sure that her patients are comfortable with any procedure that is to be performed by thoroughly explaining it before starting. Her staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.”


Nice People

“I walked in to get my filling repaired here and the people were very nice. They squeezed me in when they saw how much pain I was in and the dentist who fixed my filling was very good.”


Excellent service

“Great Staff, very friendly and professional service. Most definitely recommend for anybody.”


Have A Cavity Free Christmas!

cavity free club

The holiday season is one of the hardest times of the year to stay on top of your dental health. With constant traveling, an unending supply of sweets, and so much to get done, many of us forget to brush and floss as we should.

But our teeth do not get a special pass just because it is Christmas. So if you are worried about finding a cavity in your stocking this year, here are 7 ways to keep on top of your dental hygiene for the holidays:

Try Out Some Fluoride Mouth Wash

Good for when you are on the go or to supplement your brushing regimen, using a mouthwash that contains fluoride can help strengthen your teeth’s enamel, helping them withstand the extra pressure put on them by the holidays.

Pack a Dental Hygiene Kit

Since many of us spend a good portion of the holidays away from our own home, get into the habit of packing a small dental kit. This should include your toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. This way, you can brush after every meal, no matter where you are.

If You Are a Sipper, Stick to Water

If you are prone to nursing the same drink for hours at a party, replace whatever’s in that glass with some water. Especially if you are drinking soda, constant sipping continually exposes teeth to harmful acids. Either switch to water or finish that glass already!

Go Easy on the Sweets

This may be a tough one, but you will be glad you passed on the cookies, candy, and sugary drinks this year. The bacteria in plaque use sugar to produce acid, which does a number on your enamel.

Sweets are one of the major pitfalls for oral health during the holidays, with the taffies and hard candies being the biggest problem. These sweets stay in contact with your teeth for long periods of time and can pull lose a crown or filling.

If you cannot help yourself, at least go for the dark, rather than the milk chocolate. Studies have found an association between heart health and dental health, which means it might be wise to stick with dark chocolate. Chocolate that’s over 60 percent cocoa contains flavonoids, which is actually good for your heart.

Schedule Your Yearly Dental Exam

One of the best ways to avoid cavities during the holidays is to schedule your semi-annual teeth cleaning. A professional’s tools can clean in ways your toothbrush cannot so start off on the right foot before beginning the festivities.

Start Your Resolution Early – Brush & Floss Regularly

If you have been slacking on your dental care, there is no need to wait until the first of the year to get back into a routine. Start that resolution early, and commit to yourself to brush and floss at least twice a day, preferably after meals.

And if You Do Discover a Cavity…

A cavity can strike the best of us, even if we have taken positive steps to prevent one. If you do happen to find yourself with a cavity this month, at Merion Village Dental, we are happy to help you address it and get back to the festivities as quickly and painlessly as possible. Just call or visit us online at and we will be happy to make an appointment for you.

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How Does Your Dentist Know You Haven’t Been Flossing?

Most people have tried it at least once: you realize your twice-a-year cleaning and exam with us happens in a few days, and as usual, you have not been flossing. So for the next two to three days, you start using the floss every day, possibly even after every meal, in an attempt to break up the clusters of harmful bacteria that grow between your teeth and gums.

And every year, Dr. Patel or Dr. Corbett look in your mouth and says, “still not flossing, I see.”

How Your Dentist Can Tell When You Don't Floss | Fairfax Station, VA

There are a few reasons this technique doesn’t work. And let’s be honest, you’re not surprised that it doesn’t. You know you need to floss more often, that you haven’t, and that what you try to do beforehand is basically the grown-up version of starting your homework on the bus to school. So let’s agree that you need to make more of an effort to floss daily, and move on.

The reason your dentist can tell when you’re not flossing is that failing to floss leads to gingivitis, which is very easy for a dentist to see. Gingivitis has clear symptoms, including:

  • Red or bleeding gums
  • Gums receding from the teeth
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Bad breath

Your gums won’t bleed all the time with gingivitis, but a thorough cleaning from a dental professional will definitely do the trick. If your dentist probes your gums and a few drops of blood start welling out, it’s a dead giveaway. Dentists are also more likely to notice receding gums than you are, because they’re trained to look for the signs.

“But what about bad breath?” you’re probably asking. “I don’t have bad breath.” Um, are you sure about that? It’s possible that you’ve just gotten used to the smell of your own breath. Ask a family member to help you judge, and be sure to thank them (or to apologize, depending on the result).

With regular flossing, brushing, and dental checkups, you can get rid of the symptoms of gingivitis. But you have to be doing it for at least two weeks for all the signs to disappear. And if you floss every day for two weeks in a row, just keep doing it! It’s become part of your daily routine at that point.

Regular dental cleanings are also essential to prevent gingivitis. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Patel and Dr. Corbett at her office by calling 770-623-8750 today. Don’t try to trick us by flossing right before your appointment :)….we will totally know.