Zoom in for Whiter Teeth for the Holidays

Natural tooth color can be altered by any number of things. Teeth can be stained by tobacco, foods and beverages such as tea and berries, and by deposits of calculus or tartar. Teeth can also be discolored internally through the effects of aging, injury and certain illnesses. The result can be a yellowish, dingy-looking smile. Severe staining can even occur as a result of taking tetracycline during childhood.

A generation ago, only people in the public eye had “movie star” smiles, but all that has changed. Today, the procedure is quite easy, inexpensive and within the budget of most working people.

The most commonly used procedure is called bleaching. This can be done either in the dentist’s office (chair side bleaching like Zoom), or after an initial office visit, at home by the patient (night bleaching). For most patients a combination of both procedures is recommended for optimal results.

In either approach, a bleaching agent is carefully applied to the teeth (at home, the patient uses a custom fitted mouth guard) until the teeth achieve the desired amount of whiteness. Teeth whitening doesn’t remove any of the tooth’s structure and even teeth that have had root canals can be easily whitened.

I’ve researched various options and of course, as a dentist, many companies try to engage me in offering their products. But the one I feel is not only the safest, but the most effective and beneficial to my patients is the Zoom!™ Teeth Whitening System. The process is painless and occurs in one visit, generally in less than 90 minutes. Teeth appear six to ten shades whiter (and sometimes more), and patients notice the results instantly. Even if you have highly sensitive teeth, ask me about products that are formulated to minimize sensitivity so you, too, can enjoy the benefits of a whiter brighter smile.

A bright, gleaming smile can go a long way to improve your appearance. The results can be dazzling! As always, happiness is spread with a smile, make yours one you are proud to share! Patients who have Zoom! are so astounded by their instant and noticeable results that they can’t resist admiring their smile in their car’s rear view mirror after they leave the office. For more information and a complimentary consultation on the latest advancements like Veneers or Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces System call Dr. Ushma Patel at 770-623-8750 or visit her at http://www.JohnsCreekCosmeticDentist.com.

Mention this article for a $199 TEETH WHITENING SPECIAL (Regular $299) for Take Home custom fitted whitening gel trays and professional strength gel. $400 for Zoom In Office Teeth Whitening. For the best results a combination of both is recommended. (Special Price of  $500 for both, expires 11/30/11)


CareCredit for dental procedures

CareCredit for dental procedures

We’re pleased to offer our patients CareCredit, North America’s leader in patient payment plans.  CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately – then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget. 

Your healthcare credit card.

CareCredit is the credit card exclusively for healthcare services.  With no up-front costs and no pre-payment penalties, CareCredit lets you pay over time and frees up cash and credit cards for the other things you want or need.  CareCredit offers low monthly payment plans for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance, including dental treatments.  Plus, you can use your card again and again to pay for additional treatment for yourself or family members in any CareCredit practice.

  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • No up-front costs, no pre-payment penalties

Learn more by visiting http://www.CareCredit.com or contacting our office at 770-623-8750, http://www.JohnsCreekSedationDentist.com. Ready to apply? Apply online for your CareCredit card today

How to take care of your Teeth and Mouth

Dr Oz and Dr Roizen in this video look inside your mouth and offer tips on keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Plaque in your mouth can indicate plaque in your arteries and that is a leading cause of heart disease stroke and even impotence. So protect your pearly whites it will keep you beautiful. Your teeth help you with a wide range of tasks including chewing are also a very good marker of health. If your gums are inflamed your teeth are falling out, or your teeth are getting grounded like fresh pepper. These problems can affect the health and beauty of your entire body.

They talk about tooth grinding and splitting your teeth. Mouthgurards made in our dental office can protect you from this. Your jaw exerts 50 to 250 pounds of pressure per square inch during chewing. It is extremely efficient and only joint in the body that purposely dislocates itself during motion. A good way to relax your tempomandibular (TMD) muscle is to place a cork between your front teeth. If you lose your teeth your jaw bone will erode away as well. Use it or lose it. The main purpose of your jaw bone is to support your teeth. Major cuase of tooth loss is Gingivitis (Gum Disease) not a cavity. 80% of us don’t floss and when you do that you are not cleaning 40% of your tooth.

Finally they discuss staining your teeth and how to prevent that. Don’t avoid health foods like berries, soy sauce, cranberry juice, wine etc. but swoosh with water when done. Keep whitening foods like apple celery around.

For more info visit http://www.JohnsCreekSedationDentist.com or call Center for Advanced Dentistry in Suwanee, Johns Creek GA at 770-623-8750.

List of Dental Services

This list is representative of those services we perform in our office for adults and children (pediatric dentistry); it is not necessarily everything we do, please ask if you don’t see something listed here:

Preventive Services
       Cleanings, Prophies
       Comprehensive Exams under Preventive Service
       Periodic Exams
       Oral cancer screenings
       Digital x-rays Panoramic and Bitewings
       Fluoride treatments
       NTI Headache Prevention Guard
       Night guards
      Athletic mouth guards

Periodontal Services (Gum disease treatments)
       Charting and diagnostic services
       Non-surgical therapies

Restorative Services      
      Tooth colored fillings (Resin and Porcelain)
      Crowns (including all porcelain crowns)
      Dental implant restorations
      Implant Dentures and Partial dentures
      Full Mouth Restorations

Cosmetic Services
       Tooth whitening – Zoom!® and At Home Trays with peroxide (bleach) Gels
       Porcelain Veneers
       Tooth recontouring
       Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces System      
       Smile Makeover

Emergency Services
        Emergency exams
        Root canals

Anesthesia Services
        Nitrous or Laughing Gas
        Sedation Denitstry        

We are in a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA (Georgia). Officially in the city of Suwanee, although thiscould be a little misleading if you are not very fmailiar with the area as we are actually in the Johns Creek area very close to Alpharetta, Duluth, Cumming, Sugar Hill and Buford. We are in Forsyth county close to North Fulton and Gwinnett counties.

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Five Things Your Dentist Really Wants You To Know

Five Things Your Dentist Really Wants You To Know

1. Don’t Wait ‘Til It Hurts. This old adage continues to ring true today. So many patients procrastinate a checkup or treatment simply because of the false notion that “nothing hurts.” Gum disease is a silent, painless, progressive killer of teeth that is also a source of chronic low-grade inflammation to the whole body. Tooth decay is also painless until it becomes deep, which puts you at risk of needing more extensive dentistry such as root canal treatment.

 2. Plan your work and work your plan. Always get a prioritized treatment plan for the problems that may exist in your mouth. Even if you cannot do all the treatment at the same time, you can get your treatment done in order of importance or necessity to minimize incurring unnecessary costs from disconnected “patchwork” dentistry.

 3. Good dentistry may be expensive, but not as much as bad dentistry. Many patients try to “shop” for the cheapest dentist they can find. Often, unknowingly these patients can find themselves in inexperienced hands or with a dentist who uses inferior materials or laboratory services, resulting in ill-fitting dental appliances or dentistry that fails or breaks down quickly.

 4. Change the oil. The same way that you need to maintain that new car that you drive off the lot, many patients finish large treatment plans and do not understand the need for follow up care or maintenance. Besides the obvious benefits of prevention, the periodic maintenance is a key component of your ability to function with any restorative treatment you may receive, and the ability of this dentistry to last – including fillings, to veneers, crowns, implants and dentures. 

 5. The head bone’s connected to the neck bone. In other words, your mouth is very much a reflection of what can be going on in the rest of your body, and the oral/systemic link is a major topic of interest in medical research. In fact, oral disease puts you at greater risk of diseases of your heart, brain, liver, and pancreas to name a few. Conversely, good oral health is linked to living a longer and healthier life. Keep those regular dental checkups and cleanings.

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The Effects of Tobacco Smoking on Dental Health

Video Description: Jason Hecht DDS, NYU Dental School, explains the effects of tobacco smoking on dental health.
He talks about tobacco not being good for your teeth. It reduces the salivary flow in your mouth – the flow of saliva thus reducing the ability to protect your teeth from decay. It causes oral cancer, oral cancer kills 30,000 people in the US.

To talk to someone local in Atlanta, Duluth, Cumming, Johns Creek, Suwanee or Alpharetta call Dr. Ushma Patel at Center for Advanced Dentistry at 770-623-8750 or visit her on the web at http://www.JohnsCreekSedationDentist.com.

Sites pull illegal tooth-whitening products

From http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/sites-pull-illegal-toothwhitening-products-2057871.html

Leading internet sites have withdrawn potentially dangerous illegal tooth-whitening products from sale following an investigation.  Amazon, eBay and Google agreed to stop the goods being advertised on their pages after being alerted by consumer watchdog Which?

 A European Union regulation adopted last year bans the sale of tooth-whitening products containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide or chemicals which release hydrogen peroxide.  The limit was introduced in response to concerns that the chemical could damage teeth, lips or gums.

Stuart Johnston, from the British Dental Association, told Which?: “High doses of hydrogen peroxide can burn the lining of the mouth if it’s not protected.”  Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive of Which?, said: “These products are illegal, but ineffective policing means they are still widely available. “We have shared our findings with Trading Standards and will continue to urge online retailers to boycott such harmful products being sold in their marketplaces.”

An eBay spokeswoman said: “We took action immediately and have built filters and appropriate structures into our system to address this issue.  “We do not allow unlawful products to be listed on our sites. If anything is brought to our attention we will investigate it and bring appropriate action.”

 A spokesman for Amazon said: “These items were offered by third-party sellers on our Amazon.co.uk Marketplace platform and have now been removed from sale.

 “Please note that sellers on Amazon are prohibited from listing, on our Marketplace platform, products that do not comply with applicable laws.”

 A Google spokesman added: “We have a set of policies which govern what ads we do and do not allow… If we discover such ads we will take appropriate action.”


So Atlanta, Suwanee, Johns Ceek, Duluth, Alpharetta and Cumming dentist Dr. Ushma Patel with Center for Advanced Dentistry that prescribes teeth whitening in her office asks “what do you think?” On the one hand, consumers shouldn’t be using high-concentration bleaching products all by themselves. But on the other hand, the European limit of 0.1% seems incredibly low. For more on teeth whitening offered in her office visit http://www.johnscreeksedationdentist.com/dental-tooth-whitening.html or call 770-8847151.