A New Breakthrough in Oral Cancer Early Diagnosis – by Dr. Ushma Patel, DMD

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer of the mouth kills thousands every year, and it leaves thousands more with a lifetime of hideous facial deformity as a result of surgical treatment.

You don’t have to be a smoker or ‘chew’ tobacco to develop oral cancer.  Anyone can get it. Oral cancer kills more people each year than either skin cancer (malignant melanoma) or cervical cancer. Of the 20 most common cancers, oral and laryngeal cancers are the only two that have not had a significant improvement in survival rate over the last 20 years. And oral cancer has not had improvement in the death rate in the last 40 years! The average five-year survival rate for oral cancer is still only about 50%.

Oral cancer usually starts out as a red, or more often, a white patch somewhere in the mouth. Although a large number of people have similar appearing white or red abnormalities in their mouth, the vast majority of these lesions are benign.  However, up to 6% of these innocuous, harmless looking lesions have been found to be pre-cancerous or even cancerous.

In the past, because millions of people have had innocuous looking lesions in their mouths, it has not been practical to perform a surgical biopsy on most of them. As a result, many pre-cancerous or early stage cancers remained undetected. Deforming surgeries could have been prevented by early detection!

But things have recently changed for the better. Dentists now have the ability to easily test each and every one of these lesions just to be sure they are harmless.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, regular dental exams / checkups in our office include oral cancer screening.

For more information, contact Dr. Ushma Patel at 770-623-8750 or visit www.HiTechSmiles.com.

List of Dental Services

This list is representative of those services we perform in our office for adults and children (pediatric dentistry); it is not necessarily everything we do, please ask if you don’t see something listed here:

Preventive Services
       Cleanings, Prophies
       Comprehensive Exams under Preventive Service
       Periodic Exams
       Oral cancer screenings
       Digital x-rays Panoramic and Bitewings
       Fluoride treatments
       NTI Headache Prevention Guard
       Night guards
      Athletic mouth guards

Periodontal Services (Gum disease treatments)
       Charting and diagnostic services
       Non-surgical therapies

Restorative Services      
      Tooth colored fillings (Resin and Porcelain)
      Crowns (including all porcelain crowns)
      Dental implant restorations
      Implant Dentures and Partial dentures
      Full Mouth Restorations

Cosmetic Services
       Tooth whitening – Zoom!® and At Home Trays with peroxide (bleach) Gels
       Porcelain Veneers
       Tooth recontouring
       Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces System      
       Smile Makeover

Emergency Services
        Emergency exams
        Root canals

Anesthesia Services
        Nitrous or Laughing Gas
        Sedation Denitstry        

We are in a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA (Georgia). Officially in the city of Suwanee, although thiscould be a little misleading if you are not very fmailiar with the area as we are actually in the Johns Creek area very close to Alpharetta, Duluth, Cumming, Sugar Hill and Buford. We are in Forsyth county close to North Fulton and Gwinnett counties.

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